4 Easy Steps to Cleanse and Nourish your Wellbeing

I had an ‘A-Ha’ moment this morning.

It was around something I share with my massage clients nearly every day to help them understand what ‘tight’ muscles is.

It’s a metaphor, which I will share with you.

However this morning I realized that this metaphor could be used for other areas in our lives to ensure amazing wellbeing for not just our physical, but also our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

So what’ the metaphor I hear you ask?

Physical Wellbeing

Well, I’ve never actually ‘seen’ a muscle even though I work with them regularly. We all have at least 640 of them yet we cannot ‘see’ them as they are underneath our largest organ – our skin.  Unless we are physically aware of our bodies, like a professional athlete, the chances are what we don’t know or understand so we turn a blind eye to them.

So here’s the metaphor  …

“We have all used a sponge to clean the bath tub. Then we put it to one side and when we return to it, maybe weeks or months later, it has gone hard or tough.

Yes, you’ve witnessed this before?

Yet when we rinse that sponge under the fresh running water we can suddenly stretch it, twist it, bend it and flex it as the sponge becomes soft again as the sponge becomes ‘cleansed’.

Amazing don’t you agree?

The sponge is a metaphor for our muscles.

When we receive massage, or do some stretching or exercise we cleanse our muscles and nourish them with fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients and thus our muscles become more flexible, and we feel lighter as stagnant toxins leave our body”

We are aware on how a full breath and movement helps create fresh blood and oxygen into the blood stream for the cleanse.

Also we know to eat nutritious foods, those are the nutrients will help build muscle and keep it nourished.

With flexibility there is less strain on the skeletal structure and less pain in the physical body.

With regular exercise we will have a cleaner lymphatic system as waste will be removed from the body regularly.

So that’s what I’ve been talking to my clients about for years.

Are you ready to step and implement the ‘Cleanse and Nourish’ system into your life from today?

And then this morning I had an ‘A-Ha’ as I connected the dots.  All the concepts that I already knew came together and I could see a pattern emerging.

Mental Wellbeing

For our mental wellbeing we can rinse/cleanse our thoughts by reading and keeping our mind curious whilst nourishing with new ideas and concepts.

Did you know we receive approx. 60,000 thought patterns per day. 95% of these thoughts are repeated daily and reflect the mindset or beliefs we hold thus what we receive in our outer created reality.

Did you know that most self-made billionaires read book after book – it keeps their mind fresh with new inspiration daily.  When was the last time you read a book or filled your mind with fresh ideas?

Are the books that you read uplifting your mindset and keeping you curious as to how you can live bigger and better every day, to grow and expand beyond what you ‘think’ is currently possible for you?

Nowadays it’s so easy with most books available on audio so you can listen to it anywhere. Also, there is a wealth of amazing content available on podcasts and many other sources.

Here are some of my personal favourites including recent inspiration:-

So the moral of this section is rinse/cleanse you’re mental wellbeing daily with fresh ideas and content to inspire and amaze allowing you to learn, grown and expand.

Emotional Wellbeing

So then this morning I wondered if this is for Physical and Mental – what would be the same for emotional?

There are many many tools available for this. Personally I love journaling, ranting exercises, letter writing and thereafter burning ceremonies to cleanse, let go and heal my emotional being. I may write about this separately if enough folks are interested.

I wondered how I could nourish my emotional wellbeing with the best  ‘nutrients’?

Am I happy?

By making conscious decisions and efforts to live in joy and happiness will feed emotional wellbeing!

Start by asking yourself each morning – Am I happy?

If the answer is not Yes today, commit within that someday you will be able to answer this as a very joyful “YES, I am happy”. Just by asking the questions, you will begin to make changes to ensure your happiness.

Decide 3 things that you will do today to bring joy, happiness and laughter into your day.  This will immediately uplift your day, and thus by doing so you will also feel more in control of your day as you are in charge of your emotions.

The wonderful book Power v Force as mentioned explains ‘The Levels of Consciousness’ and is a fabulous read for anyone wishing to quit living in lower vibrations (shame, guilt, fear, anger) and move towards a higher vibrational consciousness.

So the moral of this section is cleanse your emotional wellbeing by letting go, and learning from our past, and continually nourish your emotional wellbeing with joyous and happy moments everyday.


Spiritual Wellbeing

So I then wondered, ok we got this for Physically, Mentally, Emotionally – what about Spiritually – can the same logic of ‘Cleanse and Nourish’ be used?

For this section there is are lots of options, which we can use to love our Spirit Being. (Spiritual Wellbeing)

Meditation and Mindfulness are widely encouraged.  Anyone can freely practice these.  You can create your own type of meditation whether it may be going for a walk in nature, smelling the roses, dancing in your sitting room.  In other words, anything that brings peace and/or lifts your spirit will be perfect.

For some it may be to let go of control, and to feed/nourish the spiritual wellbeing with trust and faith.

30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the evening – that’s all it takes!

In conclusion perhaps the ‘Cleanse and Nourish’ system is all we may need for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing.

There is lots of evidence on the effectiveness of looking after our wellbeing at the start and end of each day.  In other words these habits can help us grow and expand, bigger and brighter each and every day.

For instance, a suggested daily routine may be …

  • To start with a 10 minute ‘Am I happy’ reflection to start your day (Emotional),
  • Decide on your three moments of joy for the day (Emotional), J
  • Follow by a 15 minute walk connecting with nature (Spiritual),
  • Whilst stretching the muscles and getting the blood flow moving (Physical),
  • And returning home to a nutritious breakfast (Physical),  
  • And later in the evening 30 minutes of reading something inspirational to stay in a positive vibration during rest time (Mental).

That’s just a suggestion. Feel free to come up with what works for you to ensure you are looking 100% after your wellbeing.

But I hear some of you say “I don’t have the time”.

We all have the same 24 hours a day. We all get to choose where we wish to spend those 24 hours. Remember Oprah Winfrey has the same 24 hours a day as you.

Know your Values and stick to them to keep you aligned with what’s most important to you.

Ensure you know how to setup your day for success.

Let’s consider feeding our beings with not just nutritious foods, but also nutritious thoughts, the highest emotions of joy, love and peace, and connecting within trusting there is something so much bigger than us.

I would love to hear how you Cleanse and Nourish your Being. What changes will you make after reading this? Share your ideas to help enlighten others of what’s possible.

Have a wonderful day,


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