How to create a Happy Home

Our homes is where we spend most of our lives, especially at the moment for some of us staying indoor to keep others safe.  Here are 11 Ideas to Creating a Happy Home in your house, enhancing positive vibes that inspire and lift you up.

Therefore now might be the perfect time for creating a happy home with some of these easy to implement brief suggestions. 

“There’s no place like home”

Wizard of oz

1. Organise for Order

Plan your meals, your day, and agree in advance who’s doing what for a stress-free life.  You choose how you spend your time so ensure you choose to do something for you too. If we can be organized now, when we are out of our ‘usual’ routines it can help everyone to gain some downtime and ensure a peaceful and happy home.


2. Creating a Happy Home With Beauty

Surround yourself in a beautiful which is somewhere that inspires and lights you up. 

Ditch what doesn’t light you up whether it’s clothes, furniture, accessories, paintings etc. Talk a walk around your home and notice how you feel, then return and start to ditch those items, which don’t light you up. Surround yourself with items that inspire and fill you with happiness.

Lift the vibration of your home by listening to beautiful music(lots to be found on youtube if you type in the words positive, uplifting or massage will get you loads of results to choose from)

3. Personal Sanctuary for Self- Nurturing

Create a sanctuary for yourself. We all need a little space for ourselves where we can create our sacred sanctuary. This sanctuary should be filled with items that light you up, make you happy and you feel safe. An idea is to use some of your senses to create this space.  This is your sanctuary so there is no right or wrong – make it a place you can relax, switch off, and feel at ease.  

Keep your sanctuary organized, tidy and clutter free. Sometimes less is more for a quieter mind

4. Move your Body to Stimulate

This will help to release stagnated energy in the body. Suggestions may be to dance to uplifting music, to sway with softer music, practice yoga or some form of stretching or exercise everyday connecting you more with your body. 

5. Smile Meditation for Wellbeing

Now that you have a sanctuary it may be the perfect place to create a space for meditation. Here’s a simple meditation you can do anywhere and it’s called the Smile Meditation.

All you have to do is Smile in all parts of your being starting from your little toe until you feel it smiling with joy. Continue to the next toe and next toe then your whole foot and continue up your body and in through all your organs until you feel your body positively responding and feeling lighter. Notice when you smile in your heart you can feel yourself expanding. Just try it. Keep it simple and just smile. Just smile with every bit of yourself. 

6. Daily Intentions for Success

Set Intentions for your day and week so that you are driving your outcomes. You could pin it to somewhere that you can easily see it throughout the day to keep you on track.  

Perhaps your intention may be to be ‘Happier’. If so, take a moment to consider what ‘Happier’ might look like and step into it feeling it throughout your being. 

7. Affirmations to keep us aligned

Perhaps an affirmation to assist stepping more fully into your Intention it may be “I AM Happy” and notice the response from your body – find that part in you that is already happy and let it expand or flood your entire being.  

8. Time for Forgiveness 

This can be done using Ho’opoono.  You can do this imagining someone else standing in front of you, however for today try doing this exercise with yourself.

Saying the words below whilst pausing between sentences for reflection. 

A beautiful meditation on this by Sandra Roulus is available on YouTube.

9. Take a Mindfulness Break

Ensure every now and again just STOP. Take a break.  Try a little mindfulness using your senses:

  • Listen to what you can hear all around you, what else can you hear, what else.. 
  • Notice the smells all around you, what else can you smell, what else..
  • Look at what you can see all around you, what else can you see, what else..

If you find it difficult to take downtime, perhaps plan it into your diary. Make it a priority to meet with you.

10. Express Gratitude with Breath

I would suggest trying this in the morning. It’s connecting our breath with Gratitude. Inhale the things you are grateful for. On Exhale say ‘Thank You’ Repeat 3 times or more every morning.  

11. Invite Nature into your Happy Home

Feng Shui is the art of bring the vibration of your home to the same vibration of Nature.  Tenderly care to any plants who provide the service of clearing our homes constantly. Thank you. 

Well Done! You have created a Happy Home

To conclude, try these ideas everyday for a week or more and notice how some of these 11 Ideas to creating a Happy Home will immediately bring peace, calm and happiness into your life and our homes as we let go of that which no longer lights us up. 

This will filter out throughout our home and we start to see our external world differently when our internal world is peaceful and happy.

If you would like me to send you more information about any of these please feel free to contact me and I can provide more details.

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Have a wonderful day,


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