Is your environment impacting on your success? Feng Shui is much more than just moving furniture around, or changing your colour scheme. It impacts ALL of the environments that we surround ourselves in daily, and thus when we ensure the energy is flowing it can create much more success in all areas of our lives.

Classical Feng Shui incorporates all of our environment including:-

  • the external environment to our home/office
  • the internal environment to our home/office
  • AND our internal environment of our mind, body and spirit. 

Let’s look at one area at a time:-

External Environment

When we look to the external environment outside our our premises we may see telegraph poles and towers. Are there cracks in the ground around your building? Is it located on the edge of a cliff, or down in a valley?

‘Poison arrow’ may occur if the nearby buildings have angled shaped pointing at our premises. We may be overshadowed by our neighbours. Being located located at the top of a road, end of a cul de sac, or a busy main street all impact the energy coming from our environment? 

The activities that occurred on the land before you occupied it is another factor to consider when allowing a beautiful flow of Chi/energy.

Does the land around your premises support your home/office, does it travel too fast or too slow? 

All this is considered in a Feng Shui Consultation and can help identify if your external environment is impacting on your success.

Internal Environment

The internal environment of our home/office is where most people associate with Feng Shui.  There are 5 different elements available to us. These include Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Depending on the location of our home, and the year of building helps us to determine what elements we need to add to balance to make it more beneficial and harmonious for those who occupy the space.

We also take into account the persons Trigram to ensure the space is optimal for the person who sleeps (or works) in that area and determine which directions that will best support them.

Once the main Remedies are implemented, we then move to enhance our homes further by adding Intentional Feng Shui to setup out homes/offices for success. 

For all areas we will remove stagnant energy, which could be causing issues with money, illness, stress, relationship issues etc.  It  is amazing at how an energetic cleanse and a declutter can free up energy to flow again.

It’s similar to having acupuncture, which clears the blocks along the meridians of the body. A home/office energetic cleanse will do likewise for your home/office. This will allow flow of abundance, wealth, health, balance, calm, prosperity and so much more. 

Internal ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ Environment

A mindset change occurs for each client who embraces Feng Shui in their life.

It’s not just something that happens in your home/office.

It’s a part of you, the occupier that transcends to a new level of openness to allowing flow and harmony in life. At this time we begin to change our diet and consider choices that is better for us. We may spend more time meditating, in ceremony and in nature.

Therefore the internal mindset of the occupiers is where the real change happens.

The energy of the environment you occupy begins to work with you to heal you and support you.

As you align with the values then your your dreams, your goals and wishes flow with ease into your life. 

My 11 Steps to Creating a happy home will get you started on you journey.

As your Empowerment Coach and Feng Shui Consultant I assist my clients to balance all their environments. 

Have you considered Classical Feng Shui in your home/office and across all your environments?

If  you are ready to open your environment on all levels to Feng Shui and allow life to flow more easily with ease and grace then reach out today.  

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