How to find the light in the darkness

I am reaching out to you with tremendous love, compassion and connection in this very different time and I do hope you and your family are doing well. 

We have all had difficult times before and got through it and perhaps learnt some of our biggest life lessons along the way. We realized how strong we really are, how caring we really are, how alive we really are.  

The Balance of Nature

And already we are hearing some good news that Mother Earth is receiving a well deserved break. We have heard the good news of dolphins in the Venice canals, peacocks walking around city streets, air pollution significantly reduced in many areas around our beautiful planet, our communities are coming together, smiles and kindness are more visible and the willingness to help each other fills our hearts. 

As and Mother Nature is taking her time to get ‘back to balance’, so we should follow within ourselves but where do we start?

Mother Earth

How to find the light in the darkness

Firstly, take this time to unwind, to let go, to surrender, to reflect, to spend time ‘BE’ing with you. So, for today, 

  • practice being kind to yourself with your thoughts, 
  • allow your emotions to flow through you without judgement for there is not right or wrong. 
  • look after your physical well being, 
  • releasing your attachments to what we cannot control and surrender to an all-loving Universe
  • create beauty in your environment – declutter and reorganize your environment so that it lifts you up as you move around your home. 
  • take time to be idle, to read those books, have a long soak and watch those films that you never got around to. 

 “Who we’ve been doesn’t have to define who we’re going to be”

Secondly, for now anxiety can be high during times of uncertainty. I’ve noticed over the years how anxiety is more prominent in people who are not following their true soul’s purpose.

This is an amazing opportunity to get clear on what’s most important to us.

The Blessing in Disguise

I’m sensing this time that we have been given is for inner reflection, and to look at the bigger picture. What have you been longing to do but never got around to doing it or becoming it?

Perhaps some of you may have already been feeling it for a while that you were meant to do or ‘be’ something else.  Now is the time. We are in spring where the seeds can be planted for what it is you wish to grow to more fully express yourself. This is how we find the light in the darkness under the soil and we plant those seeds for our own wellbeing which will create beauty in the future. Without planting seeds there is little growth.   

You can use this time wisely and uplift your vibration to another level, or you can stay as you are and after all this reflection time is done continue with your lives. There is no right and wrong.  Its a choice which each of us can choose our paths in life.

What do you want?

  • live a better life with no regrets?
  • to jump out of bed everyday filled with purpose and
  • go to bed at night fulfilled and satisfied with you day?

Are you ready to take charge of your life or at least look at your possibilities?

If you had a hundred million dollars in the bank and both money and time were not an issue, what would you be doing with your career and life?

Imagine, in just a few weeks when the world has fully rested, that you are emerging as a happier version of you with an exciting clear path ahead of you. Imagine how happy you will feel and consider what might have happened to get you to this stage?

What is your place in this world – are you ready to take you place?  

It is now time for a Rebirth – a rebirth of whom you’ve been, which thankfully has gotten you to where you are today, into now a rebirth of what YOU really want going forward.  

To step onto a new journey and adventure with a bright light inside of you desperate to express itself and shine so bright across the entire planet and beyond.

It’s time to step away from the following the pack, the ‘norm’, the old beliefs and habits and it is now time to step into the true you, the part of you that’s being hiding, the part of you that’s played small until now, the part of you that is ready to unashamedly express herself fully to herself.

Are you ready to shine?

Our inner work is not for other people, it is for our own personal growth, which is a natural occurance. Nature does’nt stand still – she’s either growing, renewing, rebirthing but not standing still. She takes risks, she can take over and shine her beauty wherever she wishes unapoligeticaly. When we walk in nature we feel her power and that same power is within all of us.

Are you ready to shine unapologetically?

Are you ready to do the inner work, to dust the cobwebs, clear the clutter and shake off the shackles?  

The time is now for everyone to take their true place on this planet.  

I am here to help guide you on your path. I am here to help you with your first steps – to help you find which path you wish to be on?

My mission is to help empower women live a fulfilling and satisfying lives.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to look at the possibilities then reach out today. If you are ready to find the light in the darkness then now is the perfect time to step up your vibration and get ‘Back to Balance‘ in your own life. Click the link below to claim your complimentary half hour Clarity Call.

Have a wonderful day,


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