I have been thinking recently about my last decade or so and what I have learnt, what I achieved, what I did NOT achieve and how much I have grown especially my journey in leaving the corporate world.

First, before I start, I would love to give you a bit of background so you can understand why what I am going to talk about is so crucial for you.

12 years ago I found myself in a critical situation.

Wanting something different. 

Needing to get out of the corporate world.


In addition I wanted to really help people and so I began to study a range of modalities to get my qualifications and have an all rounded approach (Holistic Approach was the name of my first business).

So, for instance, in 2008 I spent all but 2 days of my allocated work holidays on my trainings so I could solely focus on BE’coming the Healer and Coach that I wished to become.

After that, the following years became quite similar.

However, working in Corporate didn’t lend itself to hearing all about my ‘woo-woo’ studies.

So I felt I was living 2 separate lives at the time.


One day, whilst in 7am rush hour traffic, I made a realisation.

This realisation changed my life. 


Getting up at ridiculous o’clock isn’t living.

Sitting in my car for 2+ hours everyday isn’t living.

Working in a job which didn’t fulfil me isn’t living.

Having little energy and suffering burnout over and over again isn’t living.

Working in an environment where I felt I could not to express myself isn’t living.

Decision Time

On that morning I made a decision that changed my life forever. 

This decision was to create a life for me – living life to the fullest everyday(not just weekends).

Following my heart and not my head.

Beginning to remove all the corporate labels that I wore… and reinforced the only title/label/name of my birth.

Practicing Integrity as showing up as the same person to everyone (it’s exhausting being playing different roles to people in our lives).

Imagining not going into the office … really physically never walking in the door ever again.

Focusing on what I do what, what will make my life worthwhile, fun and interesting where I can fully express myself.

I aligned with the lighter feelings I wished to feel everyday in the person I wished to BE’come.

On Good Friday I rang my family and created my own personal peace agreement with myself.

What is the worst that can happen if I leave my current path, to leave the corporate world, the only path I’ve known??

At the time it sounded crazy .. on paper it looked like I had a great job, title, salary contributing to a mortgage, car loans etc.

I had to make a decision – it was now or never?

Now or Never

I had to listen to my heart.

The pain of staying was too painful.

I couldn’t sell my soul for one more day. 

So I made the decision to nurture and nourish my wellbeing before everything else.

I left the corporate world behind.

It wasn’t easy. 

I was afraid of worst case scenarios that I would get into trouble.

That day I committed to myself that I was going to set myself FREE and never feel suppressed ever again.

Who do I want to BE?

This was a new way of BE’ing for me.

It was scary and exciting yet I trusted the Universe was supporting me and I leant into that energy.

In aligning with what I wanted the Universe started making it happen (honestly it was a sh*t-storm at the time and a beautiful life lesson and a blessing at the same time 🙏)

And my new life path showed up for me (thank you Universe).

Within weeks I was on a plane to Bali and started solo-travelling around Asia meeting wonderful people on my journey.

I continued with my vision boards (ask me about the Eco Village project which I manifested to be the project architect within 3 hours!!)

After 18 months I felt a change, and realised another new path was opening for me. 

I listened for a few days. 

Again, the opportunities came to me.

I followed. 

I now live a life on my terms in Spain and have met a wonderful partner.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Tao Zu

Do you want to live in alignment? 

Listen inwards to your inner voice.

That’s where the answers are.

In your heart, not your head.

Look for the signs that you ARE supported always.

Connect with yourself daily.

Connect with the Universal energies available to ALL of us.

Create the life you want for you (not your spouse, siblings, parents, co-workers, peers, society etc.)

Follow YOUR own path.

No Regrets.

Trust you are supported always.

Have a wonderful life. 

It’s your choice.

My final words …  Be Kindest to Yourself  💗 Let yourself be seen fully 💗 Build the strongest relationship in your life with yourself 💗

Back To Balance

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Have a wonderful day!. 


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