How to stay true to you.

So how has your new year been so far? Have you reached some of your goals already? Or perhaps they have the slipped by the wayside and now you may be feeling some guilt and shame. If so, do not fret as this is perfectly normal.   How do we stay TRUE to what we really want for ourselves can be difficult at times.  

“Everyday we get the opportunity to step in to a new ‘BE’ing of ourselves.

Whom we wish to BE or Become. “

If we don’t take these opportunities we risk staying the same person and can take much longer to get to BE whom we wish to be. 

Would you like to know your values?

Values are those essences that are most important in life. Knowing and living by values keeps us on track. I cherish my values knowing they will support me in my life, my dreams and my goals. Values helps us stay aligned with our greater version of ourselves of whom we wish to be(become), do and have. 

“The Supermarket Metaphor”

I usually relate not living by values to shopping in a supermarket. Imagine going to the supermarket, getting a trolley, walking up and down every lane, filling up your basket with no clear intention of what we want to eat at each meal for the next few days.  

The outcome is that we can

  • tend to over purchase,
  • therefore take longer as we need to visit every aisle, with more items to pack and unpack.
  • which we will pay more for,
  • In addition, we can waste more(eco friendly).

Having clarity with the shopping may seem like a small part of the puzzle, however it is similar to life if we have no clarity in what we value. 

“However … “

Imagine knowing your values.

Imagine life whereby your Health is a top value.

With some planning you would create your ideal meal plans for the week. You might create a variety of dishes to nourish your body and your soul.

Later when you go shopping …

  • there is less to buy as we know exactly what we want aligned with our values!
  • also with less to buy we free up time and our minds – imagine having this in all aspects of your life!. 
  • and we pay less!
  • and we don’t just follow others around the supermarket but create a path of our own!

Life is simpler, easier and less complicated when we live aligned by values that we decide for ourselves. 

How can I find out what are my values?

If you are serious about staying TRUE to YOU and making 2020 a different year for you, then let me help you elicit your Values unique for you.

Click here to get your FREE Clarity Call which will take approximately 30 minutes of your time. This could be the key to getting your year started. I promise this is a tool that has served me for many years and I wish to share it with everyone.

“If you change nothing, nothing will change”

Have a wonderful day,


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