What’s wrong now?

One morning I woke up a little cranky(that is for those who are not in the western world is a little upset or ‘lower in vibration’). As I pottered around the house I noticed I was shouting at my inner self ‘What’s wrong with me?’ with a frustrated feeling.

Perhaps you can remember times when you have also done this only to get a big nothingness in response, no answer and then that makes us feel even more clueless?

Yes, well read on to hear how I turned it around for the better.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, however I did notice my tone towards my inner self and the ‘what’s wrong’ part of the question my vibration dipped quite a few notches which made me instantly feel even worse.

So I decided to flip it and asked the opposite of the question “What’s right with me?” and noticed how my vibration instantly increased, so much so that I felt a lot more empowered, brighter and I could breath more easily.

So I kept going and I reflected what is going right, what is going well in my life right now and thus I went into Gratitude mode realizing how much I have to be grateful for and so much more with all the blessings and joy in my created life.

“Our thoughts create our reality, which shape our presence in every moment” –Brenda McCole.

Watch your thoughts always and how they make you feel.

I hope you find this useful.

Thank you for reading.



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