7-4-7 Steps To Success

Starting and Ending our day with the best practices possible can set us up for immense successful and fulfilling lives. Everything below is accessible for everyone so why not start your practice today!.

And if you already have an amazing practice let us know as we would love to hear about it.

Anything we practice we can become proficient in. For example if we want to become a basketball player the more we practice, then the better and better we will get and eventually ‘shooting a hoop’ becomes easy and automatic for us and we tend to forget how ‘wobbly’ we were when we first started. As the feeling of achievement grows with practice, the more satisfaction and fullness we receive in life.

Here are some of my tips for Daily Practice:

Morning Practice

Suggested Time: minimum 20 minutes – however you decide how important this is for you

  1. Wake up early to make the most of your day. (Perhaps enjoy one day per week where you rest a little longer). There is a wonderful sense of achievement at 9am when so much has already been accomplished. This energy will help the rest of your day.
  2. Gratitude – add at least 3 things onto your gratitude list daily.
  3. Intention setting – Decide how do I wish to show up today? Who do I wish to BE today? Calm, organized, productive, fun, compassionate, confident, loving etc.?
  4. Physical Exercise – Yoga, Stretching, Meditation or a long walk which aim you for connecting with yourself first thing in the morning and will set you up for the day ahead.
  5. Listen to inner guidance as you connect with yourself first. Try Journaling and take notes of what you’ve heard and any inspiration and creativity that has been sparked within you.  Connect with your Vision Board if you have one, your Values and your Goals.
  6. As you are washing your body imagine any lower or stuck energies being washed away thus helping you feel lighter and freer afterwards.
  7. Healthy Breakie, whilst you are eating you may feel that you are not just ‘feeding’ but nourishing and loving towards yourself with a variety of food options. If you have difficulty with meal planning a suggestion may be to create a food planner for a month ahead to help you plan a variety of nourishing foods.

(Now, you may switch on your phone/gadget if you need to)

Daily Practice

  1. No matter where you are or what you are doing take time to Breath consciously. 3 Deep Breaths will help feel grounded and in control. Know there is never a lack of air – there is abundance of air to breath for everyone including you!. There is so much air around us and across the whole planet. (This will also help you remember your problems are now smaller by considering your physical place on this planet)
  2. Be conscious of your unconscious thoughts and behaviors. Notice without judgments any thoughts that do not align with your Values and Goals and whom you wish to BE. Use this insight to accept where you are, and choose which new thoughts and behaviors you want instead.
  3. Take a lunch break. Nourish yourself with healthy foods. Perhaps book a reflexology treatment or go for a walk in nature to reconnect with yourself.
  4. Surround yourself in the highest of vibrations thus removing yourself from gossips and lower energetic colleagues and friends, and configure your social media to align with the energy that suits you.

Evening Practice

Time Required:  (min 20 minutes – however you decide how important this is for you)

  1. Review on the day – what went well, what didn’t go so well and why? What lessons can we learn from our feedback? Where did I get distracted?
  2. Celebrate – What went well? Have I achieve something amazing today? Did I show up as I intended?  How and When will I celebrate this? (if more than a dance around the kitchen is required!)
  3. Plan – What 3 tasks will I am to complete tomorrow. Are these in alignment with my values and my goals?. (A coach can help you with your values and goals if you do not already have these in place. Values and Goals direct your life .. and thus your happiness). What resources do I need to achieve these tasks?
  4. “Me time” – perhaps a 15-minute soak in the bathtub, or short stroll outside or some light stretching can help unwind the day and cleanse any lower energies from your being.
  5. Read something inspiring and uplifting which will help create a beautiful vibration for your rest time.
  6. Clear your mind – Keep a blank post it and a pen beside your bed for those things that pop into your head whether it be ideas, an urgent To-Do that you forgot etc. Write it down and forget about it until tomorrow.
  7. Sleeping in good energy – Switch off your phone completely at least one hour before bedtime and leave it another room. Ensure your bedroom is clutter free, clean and organized. Make it an attractive and beautiful sanctuary for sleeping. Get to know how many hours sleep you need to feel refreshed and fully charged for the morning.

Have a wonderful nights sleep.


If you have other suggestions for creating a successful daily practice I would love to hear from you.