A Feng Shui calendar cycle is 180 years, which is made up of 20 year periods. In February 2024 we move into Period 9 until 2043, the final period of the 180 year cycle. 

On 4th February 2024 we move into the Year of Wood Dragon which is the annual change only. (I will discuss this in a separate post)

My aim is to keep this simple so that you can get a feeling for what will come up in the next 20 years.

From numerology we know the number 9 is associated with completions, and making space for period 1 of new beginnings.

Period 8 was associated with the youngest son, which we seen many young males thrive eg. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk etc. It was also associated with the Earth element in which we seen property and real estate dominate.

Period 9 falls into the sector ‘Li’ which represents the middle daughter, or middle aged women.

How will this be important for middle aged women?

As a middle daughter I know only too well the feelings of invisibility and this will be a great time for all middle aged women. More and more women will take centre stage in their homes, in their businesses and in politics in Period 9 as we are supported by this energy.

Feng Shui Period 9 The importance of women

Li is represented by the Fire element

  • Fire is fast and dynamic/every changing and evolving
  • Fire radiates and shines in all direction
  • Fire illuminates the darkness (enlightens)
  • Fire can hold visions (we may gain sight)
  • Fire transforms earth to ashes and metal to liquid.

The body areas associated with Li are:


Eyes – Eye strain may become more common as we will be spending more time on social media. Perhaps now is a good time to purchase blue screen glasses to protect your eyesight. Another tip is to look away from your screen every 15 minutes at something far away and focus on it for 15 seconds, then something else for 15 seconds. This will help the eye muscle.


Heart – Fire is active and energetic and this is a time which will be fast pasted. Now is the time to implement Stress Management techniques into your daily practice to reduce stress on your heart.  This is a time where we need to focus on our self care and balance in life to avoid ‘burnout’. Physical excercise and cardio to strengthen and tone the heart ideally should be practiced by all.


Other things to note about Fire: 


Fire is dependent on fuel eg. earth or a wick to stay alive.  This indicates the next 20 years there will be more collaboration and with fast moving technology we may be in collaboration with many communities at the same time. Personally, be careful where your attention goes in Period 9 as you give ‘fuel’ to it. Visualise a world of harmony and kindness. Focus on inner peace as our inner reality reflects your outer reality.


“Where your attention goes, energy flows!”



Fire is passion so this is an amazing time to follow your ‘hearts desires’. 

Fire can be expressed in anger (anger resides in the liver) so this is a time to journal and take responsibility for your emotions, practice self-compassion and self-forgiveness and compassion and forgiveness towards others.




Personally I am looking forward to this time, in association with astrology’s age of Aquarius we are set for a new way of being in harmony together.  On 20th Jan 2024 Pluto officially entered Aquarius closely followed by the sun. The previous time that this happened was in the previous age of enlightenment in January 1778.  Pluto will spend the next 20 years in Aquarius, with the exception of a retrograde back into Capricorn on September 1st to 19 November 2024.   When Pluto is in Aquarius, it brings advancement and transformation changes in healthcare, technology, data, AI, robots, humanitarian work, global consciousness and systems of power. By the end of Pluto’s time in Aquarius, we’ll have moved away from a society that values individualism and personal accumulation of power in favour of a society that supports the collective.

In Feng Shui we have 3 types of luck 


  • Heaven Luck – your astrology when you entered this lifetime
  • Earth Luck – the environment that you surround yourself within and where Feng Shui can increase your luck.
  • Man Luck – this is enhanced based on your own choices, actions and personal development in life. (Feng Shui and Coaching can help improve your man luck)


Are you ready to shine, to radiate your hearts desires out into the world?


Feng Shui Period 9 The importance of women

Feng Shui Wins!

Within a fortnight of fixing her Career sector ‘C’ got the job she wished for, with the hours and pay that she wanted. She continues to work in that company. 


Going from constant cancellations to fully booked within days was the win for ’S’ after implementing some basic changes to her welcoming office.  She has now moved on to a larger office in collaboration with other therapists.


It all starts with your home!


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I practice Classical Feng Shui including Flying Stars, Compass and Form school. This is complimented by my Mindset Coaching practice, and my background in many holistic therapies, Architecture & IT.

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