Are you suffering from self-abuse? 

(WARNING: this article may trigger you!)
I’ve noticed a recent theme with my amazing clients and one that perhaps you may relate to also.
It’s about self-abuse.
And I wonder how many other women are self-abusing without realising it.
Perhaps you may relate?
For many women giving ourself a hard time in life is part of the ‘norm’.
Our internal dialogue is rarely supportive, encouraging or compassionate.
Some examples of this are:
I’m not brave enough?
I’m not imaginative!
I  can’t do …
I’m not able to do …
If you were speaking to a friend would you allow them to get away with letting themselves play smaller?
Or would you encourage them to shine brightly and share their essence with the world?
Are you ready?

Each time we put ourselves down it’s ‘self-abuse’.

And all it takes is a decision to not tolerate it from ourselves anymore.
Are you willing to make that decision today?
It also takes discipline and super-awareness.
Becoming aware of all the thoughts you have, even the small thoughts that you might just brush off, even those have super powers in creating the reality you are experiencing.
Remember, 95% of our thoughts today are the same ones we had yesterday. Therefore to change our thinking we have to observe it, and consciously change that which no longer supports our dreams and our soul paths.
For instance, when you hear your inner voice belittle yourself, saying you can’t, or that you aren’t try these:-
“I’m not brave enough!” – FLIP THIS to naming all the times in your life that you have been very brave and stood up for yourself or others, have done something adventurous and outside your comfort zone, that you took the lead, where you stepped outside the ‘norm’ and followed your own instincts.
“I’m not imaginative!” – Maybe you know this one as you feel this is true for you, however if I suggest that you try not to think of  a pink elephant!. I bet you’re laughing now as immediately your imagination created it within seconds .. so how can you say you aren’t imaginative?

From today, begin to FLIP the script and become your biggest cheerleader.

Most importantly you have to listen to that friend/voice in your head until your last breath so make it a voice that you LOVE to listen to, that you enjoy, that lights you up, that is kind and compassionate with you yet also believes in you and stretches you to BE/DO/HAVE everything that you do deserve.


If this has resonate with you and you are fully ready to flip the script then you have to check out my Chaos To Calm programme. Firstly we will look at what’s going on for you now, secondly I will assist you in letting go and thirdly we will create your new level of BE’ing and vibration from a place of alignment with your soul.
Are you ready?

Chaos To Calm

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  • CHOOSE what you wish to CREATE for you in your life from a place of alignment with your own soul.

Message me today to get started.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day!.


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