Listen in!

Have you realised you will most likely die with an outstanding To-Do list??


How real does that statement feel to you?

Some of us live by To-Do lists – are you one of them?

To-Do lists are a great way of keeping us on track with our goals, we feel productive as we tick things off the list with pride and accomplishment, and it relaxes our mind chatter once it’s written down which reduces stress. 

Unless we keep adding in 4 more items every time we cross one off … which generally seems to be the case and then a To-Do list can start to feel overwhelming.

To-Do List: Do you usually ADD more items than you TICK OFF?

It can seem never ending and then we can feel lacking in accomplishment. 

And that CAN be stressful. 

We will most likely die with an outstanding To-Do list! When I recently heard this I immediately felt like ripping up my list and feeling free for a while. Do you feel the same? Are you too attached to your To-Do list?

To help with this once in a while I highly recommend a ‘Go With The Flow Day’ (or weekend if you can). Initially a ‘Go With The Flow Day’ can be challenging for those who live by To-Do lists and in their heads. 

However ‘going with the flow day’ does bring us more in touch with our creative spark, our genius, our inspiration which helps directs us in our life journey without the overwhelm and stress. 

How to easily create your ‘Go With the Flow’ Day

It helps to connect us with our bigger picture, whereas To-Do’s can be the ‘head stuck in the sand’ small ‘day-to-day’ tasks.

Decide on a day of each week that you will not follow your usual To-Do list, Normal Routines etc. (Switching off your phone and other distractions can help a lot with this process)

Listen inwards to when you feel inspired to do something and only do that thing. 

Try not to think about what to do afterwards.

Relax and don’t force it throughout the day. 

eg. Listening in to when your body wants food, ask it what type of food it wants and how much. (as a lot of our meals are habitual in time and portion size etc).

We live in a busy world. The mind is like a constant radio with non stop chatter, that can cause us to feel disconnected from ourselves. 

Nurture your soul by listening to it once in a while and this will help fill up your cup, and thus you will feel refreshed and revitalised.

Listen in … there is wisdom within you

that cannot be found outside of you.

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