The Journey – How long does it take to get happy?


On a recent call with one of my coaching clients came the familiar question I get asked:

  • How long did it take you to get from ‘A to B’
  • How did you get there?(ie. What’s the magic recipe?)

There is no quick answer to this question and neither are there quick fixes to our life lessons. However we are free to make choices every day which will can speed up the process.

The Journey is the sacred part of the life lesson that we are journeying through.

The Journey is part of the Destination, so lets embrace it.

My Story

Many years ago in my late teens … before I even really understood what spirituality was, a friend of mine told me of a ‘counselor’ whom was helping her so I decided to try it. After a number of sessions in holotropic breath work and spiritual coaching I had become initiated into the magical world of spirit. My spiritual coach/counselor suggested a workshop that she was leading which may be of benefit to me.

The workshop name was entitled ‘Intimacy’. Regardless of my first thoughts about this, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and attend this weekend workshop with about 10 other like-minded folk.

In To Me You See

What I loved about the weekend was I gained clarity on a deeper level of the real meaning of intimacy ‘In To Me You See’, and that was the start of a journey for meet looking inwards at my own truths which has helped me in my life lessons.

Since then I have read hundreds of books, attended more seminars than I can recall and met some of the most famous ‘self-help’ inspirational people in the world. I’ve studied many topics from Astrology, Shamanism, Energy Channeling, Energy Moving, NLP and Mindset, Body-work Therapies and more.

My journey since my teens has been like climbing a staircase and each step bringing me closer to my truth and to source. Each step was an invaluable life lesson that may be a short or a longer lesson and once we ‘get’ the lesson we are free to move onward and upwards.

I guess it’s kinda like a game  – once you navigate your way through the different levels you can go to the next level and gain even more rewards.

Life Lessons

Even though some of my life lessons were not easy at the time, I was always aware that ‘the problem’ was a life lesson and my belief system was that I would grow and blossom through it and that there would be a reward at the end of it.

Also I always ensure I have a ‘support team’ around me to go to when I need, some of which are teachers, mentors, coaches and non-physical elements that I still call on today and also my vast knowledge base of many various modalities to support me on my onwards and upwards journey.

You don’t need to go through a life lesson alone, but rather create and call on your support team to walk with you on your life’s journey, fill your knowledge base, and trust that all is divinely occurring to help you connect closer with whom you are and with divine source.

I would love for you to share your life lessons and how it has made you a stronger person. What kept you sane when it appeared that life was falling apart?

Have a wonderful day.



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