This blog is about How to Create Space in your life, your body and your MIND!

During my morning walks I start with a visualisation stepping into BE’ing the person that I wish to become as if I’ve already achieved it. I feel great that when I’ve done it and I’ve felt the feelings, embracing them and acknowledging I can have it all. 

“… but!”

However, once I’ve completed my visualisation my mind would wander and jump between random topics until I become aware of what’s going on ‘up there’.  

I may have been thinking of what to eat for lunch, someone else problems, a task I needed to complete etc. It’s like my mind which was calm and organised only a few minutes ago, quickly filled up with clutter immediately when not being managed.

“To gain vitality in our bodies takes practice.

To gain clarity in our minds takes practice.”

Sometimes we don’t want to ‘make the effort’ to do physical exercise however, we know we ’should’ do it and we always feel better after an exercise session.  

Why do we feel better?

Before we exercise our bodies may have been constricted, tight, closed. During exercise we create SPACE in our bodies, so our blood flows easier, oxygen moves throughout our body, our lymphatic systems are activated so we feel freer, lighter and more flexible.

Consider for a moment how often you exercise physically, or ideally would like to be exercising?  

What are you aiming for when you exercise – is it 6 pack abs, flat tummy, toned muscles  or somewhere between? Remembering that if we don’t set a goal we will most likely not reach it!

“Our thoughts create our reality”

So what would a ’toned’ mindset feel like for you? 

If we really do repeat 95% of the same thoughts day after day how important would it be for you to practice mental fitness for your overall wellbeing. 

If you want to achieve your dreams and goals in your life how often would you need to exercise your mindset?  

When we practice mental fitness it creates SPACE in our minds, thus we gain Clarity. When we have Clarity we can make decisions easier, feel calmer and be more relaxed about life as we are consciously managing our thoughts, which create our reality. 

‘If you don’t control your thoughts your thoughts will control you”

Engaging with a mental practice multiple times each day builds the necessary mental muscles and creates SPACE in our neuropathways.  

A little alarm on my phone alerts me to find a quite place and perhaps for 2-3 minutes connect with my self, my mind, my body without judgement of what i’ve being doing before that, or planning what I will do after. 

For some with an overactive mental mind this is the perfect solution of short regular mindfulness exercises throughout the day. Over time mental chaos decreases and calmness prevails. 

Suggestions for the 2-3 minutes may be:-

  • Bring awareness to your breath.
  • Noticing what sounds you can hear around you furtherest away, then nearest to you.
  • Feel the texture and temperature of an object, or piece of clothing.
  • Noticing something in your area/room that you haven’t noticed before.
  • Feeling the contact points where your body connects with your seat.

Our ‘Presence‘ with ourselves can be the biggest ‘Present or Gift’ that we can give to ourselves .. and it’s free!. 

Are you serious?

If you have had enough of a cluttered mind and are ready to mange your thoughts so that they easily support your dreams and your goals then schedule an appointment today to discuss my ‘Back To Balance’ 12 Week Programme.

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Have a wonderful day!.


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