How my injury changed my life

It happened on a drizzly day in Dublin. My leg ‘went’ again. What I mean by this is that my leg went from under me and went ‘dead’ – again!. It was too heavy to carry, the full weight of a dead leg, so I had no choice but to sit there on the pavement, in the rain, in evening rush hour wearing my business clothes, business shoes and with my business handbag.  I was fed up of it. This was happening more and more often. I was now in my 9thyear of regular Chiropractor visits which were getting more frequent instead of less frequent. My injury ‘should’ be getting better but I wasn’t. I sat there miserable and angry.

That was it!  

I had enough!

I changed in that instant.

I realized I wanted to travel the world and I didn’t want the chiropractor coming with me. I was dependent on her. I also knew she didn’t feel my pain right now and I wondered if she ever cared if I would be fully healed like normal people.

The accident happened when I was a teenager. It was a ‘silly’ injury. I went to sit in a chair that wasn’t there and as I was backing into the seat I couldn’t see that it wasn’t there.  My coccyx hit the floor and my head against the wall. After the initial shock I got up and continued what I was doing. It didn’t seem like a big problem at the time. That night I got concussed and was getting sick so my parents too me to the hospital which was a one hours drive from our house. I remember the drive to the hospital, as I lay across the back seat of our car and the worry that something bigger had happened in ‘silly’ fall.

Something bigger did happen and it has shaped who I’ve become over the years.

My injury continued to deteriorate over the years with sacro-iliac issues plaguing my life. I tried to hide it from friends and not complain. I wanted to try different activities but felt I had to be cautious. I wanted to climb mountains but I knew my body wouldn’t be strong enough for it.

I wanted change.

I wanted to be normaland walk around without wondering when my back and leg would ‘go’ from under me.

I wanted to be strong.

On that final day, sitting on the pavement on the canal I gave up.  I decided there and then that the chiropractor wasn’t working for me. I also realized I had handed over all of my power to her to ‘fix me’ yet taking little responsibilityfor it myself.

So I took matters into my own hands.

I started doing Pilates (and I am now a Pilates Teacher), getting lots of massage (am also a Sport Injury Therapist) and I lost a little weight to help ease the load on my pelvis.  I also did a lot of mindsetwork to clear energy blocks that were keeping me comfortable with my pain, allowing me to keep playing small, and went on to study energy work and gain NLP qualifications.

Years later …. this combination of Pilates, Massage and Mindset and keeping trim still works for me.… and I feel more empowered than ever as I took matters into my own hands and decided on which treatments and how often I needed to ‘do the work’to get the results that I wanted.

A few years ago I climbed to Everest Base Camp and solo travelled around Asia, which was a massive achievement that I never imagined I could do that when I was dependent on my chiropractor years before.

That ‘silly’ injury changed my life.

And now I help others change their life physically, mentally and spiritually either in therapies, or coaching.

I encourage all my clients to empower themselves no matter what is going on in their lives. The feeling of doing it by ourselves is liberating and very satisfying.

  • Perhaps you have handed too much of your power or your energy to another?
  • Is there somewhere in your life that you are not taking full responsibility?
  • Have you had enough of something in your life and ready to change?
  • Are you allowing an injury to keep you playing small in life?
  • What dreams are you putting of? When will be theright time?

Perhaps you could do more for yourself, or look at something a different way like I did when I ditched the chiropractor and took my health back into my own hands.

Remember, we are the ones responsible for ourselves and accountable for our journey in this lifetime.  No one is going to tell us what to do anymore. We are the adults now.

Imagine it as you would like it to be.



I know there are some amazing women out there ‘battling’ with injuries and this blog won’t fix everyone (I wish it could). All I suggest is to try looking at a new way of healing yourself.  If little has changed in the past few months or years for you with your injury then perhaps it’s time try something new like looking at your mindset around your injury, or a new therapy. You know yourself best.


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