Are you seeing warning Lights?

When our car is having a problem and a warning light appears we go straight to the mechanic to get it investigated.

Yet, we see warning lights in our life all the time.  Which lights do we pay attention to and which lights do we decides not to notice?

Physical & Mental

If our body is showing a red light it seems our most general response is ‘I’ll see how it feels tomorrow’ and over time that little red light becomes a glaring beacon of pain. Perhaps this relate to you or someone you know?

We ensure a car, which is completely replaceable, is investigated promptly, yet our own body in which we can usually feel the uncomfortable pain, and is not replaceable … well, we tend to wait… and wait .. and we wait.

Thankfully more and more folks are waking up and taking action whichever that may be, yet there is still a significant amount of folks out there with pain in their body that they are ignoring.

Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

I get asked most frequently to ‘fix’ neck, shoulder and back pain which is generated from the fact that we are ‘caving in’ (my definition of this common pain).  ‘Caving In’ is due to sitting for long periods at a desk, spending our evenings looking down at an mobile device, sleeping in a fetal position, carrying un-necessary items in our baggage and the ‘wears and strains’ of life in general.

Our ancestors, the cavemen, had the same bodies yet let very different lives in that they were very active.

This load on our neck, shoulders and back may also be related to ‘heavy burdens’ that we are carrying whether we carry them consciously or not, and whether we ever made the decision to carry these burdens or not.

Most of us maintain our car every year, or sometimes every 6 months, which costs quite a bit of money and as I mentioned earlier our car is completely replaceable.

Maintenance for your BE’ing

Imagine a world where personal maintenance was a priority and that everyone would take their health more seriously.

There are many tools and treatments available today like Coaching, Massage, Reflexology and many many more.

Perhaps just consider these are not just for pampering – it’s maintenance for your BE’ing too!  That car may be gone in a few years – you won’t!

I’m hoping this will inspire you to look after you better as you are the vehicle to get you through the wonderful journey of this life.

As we know wear and tear on a car costs money, lets save some money also by looking after and investing in number one(ie. You!) and enjoy every moment of this life journey.

Have a wonderful day.



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