How much are your thoughts costing you?

Today, I’m giving you a free technique in the ‘Nurturing Our Energy Series’ which I’ve learnt from NLP Richard Bandler and added my own flavour to it.

What do you need to get started?

All you need for this is access to a calculator (available on most phones these days) unless you are pretty good at calculating in your head.

So before we get started, first of all take a few minutes to consider what you biggest problem is at this time in your life – is it work, relationship or health or something else?

Then follow the questions below in sequence and see what result you get. This should only take a few minutes, yet you could have a great ‘A-HA’ moment at the end of this simple exercise.

Ok, lets find out the Cost Of Your Thoughts:-

  1. What would you say an hour of your time is worth (if you are unsure just take an average of what you are getting paid, and how much you feel you are worth if you feel you are being underpaid)? Ok, Got an answer then move onto the next question. (A)
  2. What is your current problem/issue?  Get a real sense of this problem in your mind. (B)
  3. How many hours do you spend thinking about this problem every day/evening/night? (C)
  4. How many months/years have you had this problem? (C)

Lets Calculate!

  1. First Calculation: A x B x C = Cost per day of problem!
  2. Second Calculation: A x B x C x 7days = Cost per week of problem!
  3. Third Calculation: A x B x C x 7days x 52 weeks = Cost per YEAR of problem!
  4. Fourth Calculation: A x B x C x D = What you have spend on the problem so far!. (Imagine where you could have spent that money energy instead… mmm)

So, baring all this in mind, how much would you like to spend on this issue going forward? Did you get a shock at how much you have already spent on it?

Past Client Example:

Lisa was having a problem at work in a job that did not fulfill her yet she didn’t know what else to be doing. She estimated she was worth €30 per day, and was thinking about the work issue for approximately 10 hours per day – therefore she was spending €300 of her energy just focusing on the issue PER DAY. When she realized this, and calculated the cost per month and seen it clearly that the cost of the problem was more than she was even earning in a month she decided to take some action immediately to correct the situation.

When we see the financial cost of a problem, somehow it makes it more real.

We get annoyed with ourselves if we ‘waste’ our money on something, or loose our money. However we spend a lot of our energy(money and energy are the same) but because we can’t tangibly see it – we don’t realize the waste of our precious resources.

How would you prefer to spend your energy?

I would love to hear your thoughts, or any tips you would like to share on how you manage your energy.


Brenda McCole


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