Would you love a gift?

Well what if I told you that you already have this gift?

Yes, you received a gift a few years ago.

Don’t you remember?

It has been a while.

It’s a ‘wonder-full’ gift and it was given to you by someone very special.

Actually it’s awe-some!

And, as with all gifts, it is beautiful and we feel rather privileged and honored to have been given this gift.

It’s not a car.

It’s not a house.

It’s bigger than all of that.

Are you still guessing? …

Shall I put your mind at ease?

The gift is your present or ‘presence’ in this lifetime.

It has many parts to the gift and the one I choose to highlight today is that this gift came with a fully equipped physical body.

Do you honor this gift you were given?

Do you honor your body every day and cherish it knowing it was given to you by someone very special.

As a bodyworker I work on bodies every day that could be cherished so much more.

It saddens me to see people treating their body as if it’s materialistic as if it can be replaced every few years.

This gift of our physical bodies is a once off gift.

Love and nurture your own body like you would a child, pet or for some folks their cars!

Maintain your physical body regularly, put in the best fuel into it, let it rest and honor it now so that in years to come it you will still be getting lots of happy mileage out of it.

Enjoy every minute you have it.

It’s amazing.

And it’s a gift.

Have a wonderful day.



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