Most western travellers in the East are aware of ‘Karma’ as part of their journey around Asia. You may help someone out with directions whilst another person helps you out soon after. The balance of giving and receiving is common day life and quiet visible.

Working in some parts of the East has a philosophy of a donation based service where one would offer a financial donation or alternative service based on the value they put on the service that was offered.  When I returned to Europe I really wanted to bring this principle to the western world so I offered my services in exchange for the value it was worth to my clients hoping for a energetic balance.

The Value of 10.00 euros

We have to remember here that 10eur is a different value to every person – to the homeless person on the street 10eur can buy a lot of comfort, yet to someone who has a significant amount in the bank 10eur may seem like 10cent or less. Even to the working class that value of 10eur can be significantly different. It’s all about our own personal value on the service offered. Remember money is just a number on a piece of paper, which does not even denote its true value.

Also our belief systems around money come into it where for some 10eur may feel like it’s easy to get and yet others may have belief systems where 10eur is not easy to get and ‘money is difficult to accumulate’. So I offered my services and explained the principles of energy balance and to my surprise in the Western world the price received for my services was much less than in the Eastern world. This may be somewhat due to the lack of belief in the western world that if you don’t spend the correct value/exchange the correct amount of energy, then it will be taken off you somewhere else along your path.

Balanced Giving and Receiving

This principle can also be used in relation to energy. Most mothers give everything they have, including all their energy to their children. This also goes for especially women today who give all their energy away to relieve pain or anguish with another person, this then leaves the ‘giver’ smaller as they have given away their perhaps too much of their energy or power. In addition to this most ‘givers’ are usually the same people who are unfortunately unable to ask for what they want to their detriment as they then end up in pain and aguish.

So how to resolve this …

I would love to live in a world where exchange of energy is done from the heart, that the value of services are exchanged for the value of other services based on every persons individual assessment, or ‘pay it forward’ is everyday currency i.e. Provide a service for one person, and their friend balances out that service if they ‘owed a favor’ to their friend, or even better to trust that the universe will balance that service out in some unexpected way.

It is very important that the value of the exchange is fully balanced on both sides for both parties to feel equal after their exchange. Consider any services you receive today and what it’s true value is to you.. It may be that cup of tea made for you by a partner/friend or colleague – how much do it mean to you that they offered this kind service to you. Perhaps you could easily start repaying by saying ‘thanks’ a lot more frequently from an open heart – you never know that person may be looking for a friend that day to share some good news.


Feel free to contact me with on any thoughts you have about exchanging goods or services, in a balance and fair way, with or without the exchange of money.

Happy Karma,



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