Stop, Listen, Look .. then lets walk forward in life

Do you remember the Green Cross Code? It was an advertisement played on TV when I was growing up and was created to teach kids how to cross the road. The premise was based on Stop, Listen, Look and then Action/Take Steps Forward.


I remembered it this morning as I was reflecting on how when we Stop for a moment we can just BE, Be ourselves, Be connected to source and nature and all that there is, BE allowing with the flow of love towards us.


As we Listen we can consider our thoughts without judgment, like they are floating on by on fluffy clouds or like watching a movie – we don’t need to attach to them but rather just observe them. We can choose then later if we wish to delve into the thoughts, the beliefs etc., but for now just Listen – what else can you hear – the sounds around you? The birds, bees, laughter?


Then next is to Look – look at the reflection of yourself in the mirror without judgment and accept the beauty of the gift you were given in your physical body, look at the amazement of the human body and how it keeps growing and changing every day without any command or suggestion.

Look at how we have changed from 10 years ago and where we are now, then look around you – what colours can you see in the fields, trees, sky, are you outdoors in nature, and if not what colours do you surround yourself with in your home – is it bright and colorful, and perhaps take a little moment of reflection as to how you could brighten up your home even with one little item, or a selection of flowers.

And then look wider – how far can you see all around you, below and above. Can you see the sun, the moon and the stars and how far away they seem yet also so familiar as we see them everyday?

And keeping the vastness of this planet in our awareness then take a inner look.. a deeper look.. at what is going on in your life right now.

  • What is working for you and what is not?
  • What is it time to let go of?
  • What would you like to bring into the canvas of your creation?
  • What are you settling for knowing that you are worth or deserve more?

Next look at your circle of influence (these are the people you hang out with the most) – if you were to create a new circle of influence for people who support you in all that you are and in assisting you to manifest your true desires are these the people that you would keep in your new circle? Perhaps like some spring-cleaning it may be time to let go of any old cobwebs and dust out what is not working for you at this time.

Step Forward (or Action)

Do all of the above like a loving meditation with yourself knowing you do deserve everything that you desire and by connecting more and more with yourself your vibration will connect with that which you desire.

Do this regularly, as regularly as you cross the road and look for the signs around you that the path ahead is clear and colorful.


Stop and reflect,
Listen to your inner voice, and also connecting to your external world,
Look at the beauty you find in and all around you on this day before
Taking action.


Have a wonderfully blessed day.




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