Time, oh Time!

“But I don’t have the Time to do that” – How often do you think or use this phrase or something like this? Perhaps 10 times a day, 100 times a day or more?

Well it just so happens another item we focus a lot of our energy on is TIME!

We all have clocks, watches everywhere which we see the time on … and most of us go around every day feeling there is not enough time, similar to our ‘not having enough’ money beliefs.

So here’s something to ponder:

  • When last did you enjoy a day, or even half a day, without looking at the clock/watch/iphone for the Time?
  • When last did you have a day that you didn’t know what time it was, or let time rule how you went about your day.
  • Can you imagine how you would feel?

I guess you would be feeling relaxed and perhaps even more creative and productive?


Do you immediately get the feeling that you would feel guilty for taking a break, shame at being idle, irresponsible for not working ‘hard’. I read a great book on this topic which changed my attitude. It is called ‘How to be Idle’ by Tom Hodgkinson and I would recommend it for those of us who come from a background of ‘being idle is a sin’.

Perhaps try this switching off exercise today and you may be surprised when you switch off everything that you actually get more ‘quality time’.

I’d love to hear from you when you try this.




Ps. Most folks on this planet are focusing on time, and as most are focusing on the same belief that there is less time and that everything has gotten faster we create it into reality. Imagine if one by one, we started to put less energy into that belief and less focus on ‘time’ and more focus into ‘BEING’.


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