Nurturing our Energy on Money

When we focus on something, the more energy we give it (ie. This could be a problem, a belief etc) the more we ‘nurture’ it. For example the more we focus on our financial debt the more we are confirming to the universe ‘I have no money’, ‘I am in debt’ – then the more the universe will ensure that that belief system will be true for you and play it out in reality.

So lets try the following:-
  1. Listen and bring our awareness to the language we speak, not just with another person, but the words we speak to ourselves in our minds. ‘Im not worth it’ etc.
  2. Accept that is the language you have been using and you wish to change it.
  3. Choose to change the language and believe it to be true – either using affirmations and correcting yourself as you think/speak eg. ‘I am worth it’, ‘I deserve it’. All doing some work around your beliefs, patterns and behaviour can see you free to choose a new way forward.
So how might this relate to me today?

Perhaps you are having a constant conversation with yourself not realizing ‘how’ you are talking to yourself about a particular subject whether it is money, career, health etc.

Sure why not give this a try and as always I’d love to hear how you get on with this exercise!.



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