Are you in Pain?

In the past fortnight I’ve met 3 people who have something similar in common.

What is it?

It’s their story!

Their story is their pain.


So what is their pain stories …

Client #1: This client has had lots of operations and proud of every one wearing it like a badge of achievement even though he was still in pain and unable to move easily.

Client #2: This client has had 12 years of chronic pain, wakes up daily from the pain, and has accepted this is her continued fate for life even though she is still young.

Client #3: This client has significant back pain and has given up hope as it’s not an ‘easy fix’ so why bother.

Can you relate?

Perhaps you may know someone who you know that may relate to these or similar stories.

Their pain has become their character so they’ve forgotten who they are.

All 3 clients only identified themselves with their story. And that story was the past to the present. No one spoke of the future. No one was dreaming of their ‘wish’.

  • I asked “What is your wish”
  • I prompted “Drop your story”
  • I suggested “Who could you be if you were not in pain”?

I’ve been there so I know what pain is like.

I told my own story. When I was in my teenage years I went to sit on a chair that wasn’t there and so hit my coccyx off the floor and my head off the wall. In my 9th year of regular chiropractic appointments I was walking home from work as usual in my business attire, in the middle of a very busy city, when my leg went ‘dead’ again!. It was raining and I couldn’t move. I sat on the wet pavement in the rain in my business clothes until the circulation came back into my leg to allow me to continue slowly home. However whilst sitting there I decided I HAD ENOUGH! I was in my 20’s so I was quite young and this was really debilitating for me, as I never knew when my leg would go dead. I DECIDED SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE. I wanted to travel the world and I didn’t want my chiropractor coming with me and I didn’t want to be in the middle of a foreign country when my leg would go ‘dead’. I TOOK ACTION and took my health into my own hands from that moment. I started not just attending Pilates but owning my rehab through the Pilates exercises, I also ensured I got massage very frequently and reduced my weight. I found the best support team to guide me throughout. It took a while however it paid off. The BIGGEST SATISFACTION was that I did it MY WAY. My mind was not constantly focused on the pain, or fear of the pain about to trigger. Instead my mind was happy and clear. I took responsibility. I took accountability. I found my path to health and I felt great. I knew how to maintain it.

And since then I have travelled the world without any ‘dead’ legs!.

Did the clients change? ..

So when I met these clients with their stories, it just screamed at me that none of them were owning their pain but rather enjoying the ‘uncomfortable comfort’ of staying in a familiar place. None of them were deciding to take action and letting it be in the past so they can dream of a future of freedom without pain.

Some of these clients started seeing the light for themselves after I told my story and after some coaching. The second lady GOT IT pretty quickly and felt like a significant weight has been removed from her shoulders. She realized she hadn’t even considered a positive pain-free future or owned her pain, and to step up and take responsibility, accountability and get the right support team in place to free up not just her body from the pain, but also her mind.

Are you stepping up, Are you owning your life?

Perhaps you are not in pain, however can relate to this in other ways that you aren’t stepping up to having amazing freedom in your life.

Are you holding yourself back?

Do you need help to start seeing a positive healthy future version of yourself?

Leave a comment below or message me, as I would love to hear your stories of how you have overcome obstacles in your life.

Have a wonderful day.



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