What is the next step for clients who wish to quit their 9-5 job?

They are unsatisfied, unfilled, yet enjoying well paying jobs that tick a lots of boxes for them.  The Job is ‘ok’.  They have worked in their job for many years. They know the ‘ropes’ and feel secure.  Perhaps you can relate?

Yet a part of them is wishing to break free, to change so it is unsettling and gnawing at them to have these mixed thoughts.

They ask whether they could, or should, completely break free from the ‘system’.

What could life look like on the other side?

And I ask the question what could your life look like if you stay where you are right now? .. and I usually get a groan in response.

There is still a core belief that many of us run choosing safety over the possibility of expansion. It is an unhealthy to stay in a job if we are not growing, if we are unhappy and we are unfulfilled.

Our nature is to grow!

The Universe is constantly expanding and growing. We are of the same energy, hence if are not growing and expanding, our truest nature is not being met.

Similar to seeds in the soil, while they receive a lot of nurturing and support they create expansion and bring forth the results as they grow and push upwards through the top layer of soil and shine their flower or fruit with the greatest expression of their abilities.

We are just the same when we allow ourselves to get creative, and come up with a goal or a dream to be fulfilled. Similarly, we break it down into a plan, and continue to focus our energy into growing our dreams. With patience and comittment our goals and dreams are fully blossomed and visible for the entire world to witness.

What would you like to harvest by this time next year, or even sooner? 

These darker months is the time of the year for planting for what will blossom through the soil in Spring.  We plant our seeds into the dark, warmth of the earth. Likewise with our dreams we plant those seeds in the dark of winter until finally the spring sprouts the first shoots of our creations to share with the world.

Have you planted your seeds yet of your dreams?

What do you wish to see manifest in the next year for you?

Imagine what more opportunities could be waiting for you on the other side of the seed that you will plant this winter?

Set some time aside this week to contemplate your future. No one else can walk the journey of your life. It’s yours alone. Which path would you like to walk?

My mission is to empower women to lead fulfilling and satisfying lives. If this blog has sparked your curiosity about what you could create in your life then please get in contact with me. I’d love to hear about your dreams.

Have a wonderful day,


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