Have you ever considered how many times you have reinvented yourself so far in your life?

Ann’s Story

I am always inspired when I am listening to clients tell their stories of how they gained success and fulfillment in their lives. Recently I had the privilege of spending time with Ann who told me about life long journey which got me buzzing so much so that I’m now writing about it so I can share with you.

In brief, Ann told me she started out life as the cleaner in a University doing what cleaners do like washing floors and toilets. A few years later she became a lecturer in that same university. A few years later she started her own Psychology practice with employees working for her. Now she is about to closing her practice to reinvent herself yet again by moving country and buying a Chateaux in France!.

As I listened I could sense the years of determination and motivation to get her to where she is now, I asked Ann what did she believe was the secret to her success.

Her answer?

“To reinvent myself every few years”.

We get to choose in every moment our thoughts, our actions, our lives and much more.

  • How would you like to reinvent yourself today?
  • What part of your life, or you, would you reinvent?
  • What would you like to be different? Would it be how you present yourself to the world and the clothes you wear? Would it be your job/career and moving into something more meaningful and rewarding? Would it be your relationship? Or perhaps it your Mindset, Beliefs, Attitudes or Values?
  • What has been an aspiration of yours and are you already on your way to reinventing yourself into that person or that role?

Our nature to reinvent ourselves as we evolve, grow and expand to our full potential just like the universe is evolving, growing and expanding.

I’d love to hear your stories of how you reinvented yourself or are in the process of doing so, and thus by sharing your story you may inspire other folks out there too.

Have a wonderful day,



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