Who are you?

Do you ever feel you don’t really know who you really are?

Do you feel you hide behind a veil when you meet someone face to face?

When walking down the street do you fear meting someone you haven’t met in a while, as you don’t know how to be with them?

I had a client a few years ago who was on a personal journey. Her wonderful challenge was to turn up to BE the same person to everyone that was in, or came into her life. I was very inspired by this and have taken in on, and hope you are inspired too.

What roles do you play?

As you are aware we all play many roles in our lives – mother, daughter, sister, neice, father, son, employee, boss, caretaker, teacher, guide, sports enthusiast, friend from spiritual stuff, drinking buddy, zumba acquaintances, people we’ve met on holidays, some we met here or there or even just on Facebook, old school friends, neighbours, college, clients, ex bosses and so on.

I’m sure you can think of a few hundred or thousand people by now that you have met in your time on this planet thus far since you were born to where you are today.

Well my friend was working on this wonderful challenge which we will call ‘The hats we wear’. The challenge was:

How to turn up and be the same person no matter whom you are talking to.

How to be true to you and not fall into the roles – turning up to be the same person to your family, as to your clients, as to the person in the shop selling you an apple as to the customer service person at the airport. I hope you get the gist of it.

Do you feel you could do this – even for a day?

Imagine taking off all the hats/roles that we wear and just be you.

Nobody else, no costumes or wigs, JUST YOU?

Why would I want to do this I hear you say? Remember the last time you dressed up as Marylin Munroe or Superman and how you felt? Were you being you or did you get ‘into’ the role of the femme fatal or the superhero and how did you feel – were you louder than usual, more confident, acting differently? Were you shining your vibration all around and feeling the freedom?

Well I’ve tried to go without any costumes and instead held the integrity of BE’ing me and got clients to try it too and the responses are that it is generally the feeling of liberation to just BE ourselves without the layer of control, fakeness, and pretense which can be exhausting. Also what we do get out of this is to get to know and really meet ourselves on this inside, which builds and strengthens our inner confidence rather than playing the games and projecting outside what we ‘think’ people may expect from us to be. Our awareness of how we people please, hoping we say the right thing and in the right tone so the person will like us, or even love us, can assist us to let go of people pleasing and instead please ourselves.

It takes a while to master so why not get started today. And the good news is that what you don’t like you can choose to change.

By being true to ourselves we liberate others to shine in their truth also.

It all comes back to meeting yourself in the mirror every day and loving what you see.

Have a wonderful day.



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