After spending many years reviewing CV’s, Interviewing Candidates and digging through lots of paper to find the ‘ideal’ person to work on my teams I have a few top tips for CV writing which has helped clients and friends of mine over the years so I thought I would share them here.


  1. My number one tip in CV Writing would be to recommend that you ‘BE YOURSELF’ – remember ‘everyone else is already taken’ so being yourself makes it a lot easier when you are in an interview and will also make it easier for you to relate to your own CV in the interview.
  2. Change your CV for each job that you are applying for using words from the job profile throughout your CV therefore “MIRROR’ing” what the interviewer is looking for, thus, your are more likely to catch their eye quicker and get chosen for interview.
  3. Consider where you want to go in your career, and add at least 10 words that describe that role throughout your CV so that you are focusing in the correct direction and attracting that role towards yourself.
  4. Addition of hobbies into the CV gives an idea to the interviewer if you are a team player, and also if you can work solo. Do not leave this section empty.
  5. Ask a friend to prompt you – it’s amazing how just talking it through with a friend can bring CLARITY to your CV.  Talking through with a friend, or family member who does not know what it is you do, will force you to describe everything clearly. It is likely the person who receives your CV initially may not have knowledge about the area you may be working for – therefore brief, short, clear sentences is best.


I’ve helped many clients and friends not just with CV Writing and the practicalities of moving jobs, but also with visioning how their first day would be like in their ideal job.  If you are in the middle of changing jobs, or know of a friend who is,  and unsure how to present yourself on paper and/or at an interview, please feel free to contact me.

To your future success,



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