Have you a few mins to take a ‘reset break’ and hear a little story called ‘The Disappointments of Life’?

Whilst working with a client today we brought to light a disappointment that many of us still hold since we were little children – a disappointment that is still playing out in our current reality.

The Disappointments of Life?

Today I refer to the the disappointment of being rejected from our mothers love.

A mother who was unable to love fully with her heart(she had her own stuff going on), and all we every wanted is to receive her love 100% without boundaries, restrictions, BS stories etc. – just her love.

As young children how could we understand this rejection, yet still feel the yearning for this love? So I guess we eventually ‘gave up’ and instead sat in the waiting room of life, creating a safe and comfortable space to wait, whilst creating a wonderfully protective shell so that when she was ready, that her love wouldn’t come as a surprise, which may have been too overwhelming. Some of us wore those boundary walls and protection shields and sat in the dark lonely cold waiting room/space for many years. A part of us knows it as ‘home’.

The disappointment that we were never ‘enough’ to receive her love.

The sadness of never fully experiencing that bond between mother daughter.

The grief of never fully expressing ourselves with the risk of feeling the shame of being rejected, feeling small, worthless and ‘nobody is interested’ – we just go about our business, play the invisibility card so no-one will notice and we won’t upset anyone. The phase ‘Children are to be seen and not heard’ was one that I am very familiar with when growing up.

Every now and again a piece of inner work/meditation or whilst reading a book or blog we gain another level of insight into our inner beings, our hearts desires, our disappointments, sadness and our love for all that has happened and all the life lessons we received to make us the wonderful persons we are today.

We are not bad.

We are not unwanted.

It was just the person whom we wanted the most love, to feel safe in her arms – well that person was not available for some of us, and as sad it that story is – it truly had nothing to do with us.

It’s not all about you!

As a kind friend once told me many years ago ‘It’s not all about you’.

How others react towards us may have nothing at all to do with us, just them playing out their own stories.

So for today, be aware that everyone is on his or her own life journey. Some have done little inner work, others may be processing their inner work and others are clearing a lot of sh*t and still moving mountains.

Be compassionate towards everyone, and definitely compassionate, kind and loving towards yourself.

Acknowledge your journey.

Own your journey.

Start doing your inner work if you haven’t already and allow yourself to be fully received by yourself in this world.

Forgive to receive and give love from your heart 100% without judgment, boundaries, restrictions, entanglements or disapointments.

To freely love in a safe environment.

Let me know if this article has helped you or opened up some feeling or memories for you which you wish to share, or privately message me as I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day,


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