The Empowered Healer

Are you ready to Raise Your Vibration?

Are you ready to Own Your Gifts?

Are you ready to Stand in Your Power?

Programme Overview

Who is Brenda + Quirky Bits!!

What is the 3 Step Formula?

 Take the Quiz below … Are you an Empowered Healer?

What is NOT an Empowered Woman?

Have you held yourself back from fully expressing your interests amongst friends and family as you are embarassed?

Are you craving the support of your dreams from the people around you, including your partner?

Is the fear of being mocked holding you in paralysis of not moving forward in life?

Do other peoples judgements of your work and your lifestyle take priority?

Are you suffering with being highly critical and harsh with yourself for not staying true to your dreams?

Have you lost your inner magic to creating the life you deserve on your terms?

Have you played small to ‘fit in’ yet it’s now gone way past uncomfortable?

Does life feel heavy, sluggish and chaotic from leading a life that you aren’t showing up with integrity for whom you really are?

Doesn’t take opportunities when they arise?

What IS an Empowered Woman!

She feels free to express herself amongst friends and family as she is firstly connected with her inner BE’ing.

She easily asks for help, advice, guidance, support as she needs it to thrive in her life and her business.

She follows her inner guidance to courageously ‘flow’ forward in life1

She has no time to waste on other peoples opinions as she is busy enjoying the life she has created for herself and her family.

Her relationship with herself is of the highest importance in her life.

She sparkles as she creates the life she desires1

Her inner strength and high levels of self-belief support her in all her life and business adventures.

She moves with integrity, following her dreams enjoying every moment that life has to offer her.

Grabs opportunities with enthusiasm and excitement.

The Empowered Healer Programme:

Brenda McCole Coaching

✓ Eight weekly personalised 1:1 Coaching Sessions. In these online face to face’ sessions there will be individual coaching based on whatever topic you decide you wish to ‘breakthrough’ on the day.  We will meet using Zoom and all appointments will be agreed from the start. Each session will be approx 45 minutes. Note: You will have access to my calendar to change dates/times as needed, however to ensure your commitment to yourself the programme to be complete within 12 weeks. 

✓ Weekly Action Points for you to complete between sessions which will be tailored to your needs, to help you embed and embody your sessions.

✓ Email Support between sessions for the duration of the programme for any questions or concerns you may have and also to share your WINS!!

✓ BONUS – ‘Energetic Alignment’ Daily TIPS to set you up each morning. These short personalised emails will keep you aligned with the outcomes of our coaching session and may require some reflection, a little journalling, or a small challenge. This ensures the program is not just considered once per week, but a full immersion in a transformational change. Nothing too overwhelming here and lots to keep your vibration high.  

The Empowered Healer Modules:

The Empowered Healers Program will guide you step by step into a deeper understanding of your energy and align it with all the potential that is ready and waiting for you.

As we  step through this program you will notice yourself becoming more confident, trusting to share your gifts with the world, and OWN what it is you do knowing the VALUE you give to your clients, and its impact on the world.

Here is what you will find inside these modules:

Week 1: Ground in your energy

To begin the Empowered Healers Programme we will take a step back and have a look at where you energy has really being going and let go of that which you no longer wish to take with you on this journey.

✓ Learning everyday practices to ground YOUR energy so that you can give from an overflowing cup.

✓ Release the weights and the burdens that are keeping you from your freedom …ahh feel that release already and Accepting how far you’ve already come. 

✓ How to maintain balance in all areas of your life so not all the focus is on one area. 

Week 2: You as a Conscious Co-Creator

The next step in the Empowered Healers Programme  is to lookat all the potential that you DO have and how you can tap into the quantum field to create the life you wish for you.  

✓ Connecting with the power of your imagination .. this is so much fun playing with  our imagination and it’s free! 

Discovering the true nature of our BE’ing – the power of expansion and growth and how to tap into this daily.

✓ How to strenghten your manifesting power. 

Empowered Healers Week3

Week 3: Unprogram from the Matrix

Since we were born we have taken on the narratives, beliefs, patterns, behaviours of our families, communities, cultures and beyond. In this module we will release those that don’t support the next level version of you so that you can step forward with ease.

✓ Why the same old thinking will get you the same old results

You will learn how to quantify the cost of your beliefs .. this can be a surreal eye opener and can instigate immediate change.

✓ How to use my 5 Step ‘Belief Change Process’ which you can use forever more to help ‘flip’ those energy blocks.

Week 4: How to Energetically Align

“What we focus on we get in life” – In this weeks module we will look at what is important to you and how you can easily connect to this in every moment.  

Make soul aligned decisions in the vibration that you wish to BE listening to your heart rather than your head.  

Getting to know the 4 stages of consciousness AND adapting it into your life is where YOU will get the WINs

✓ What are you key motivators in life and how to transfer these energies to other areas.

Empowered Healers Week5

 Week 5: Embracing Your Light

As a healer the tendency is to give a lot of energy to others. This module goes beyond the basic self-care of bubbly baths to ensure you have regular maintenance for you to keep shining your light bright from within.

Learn my 10 keys for managing your energy so that your cup is always clean, clear and overflowing with beautiful energy.  

✓  Get to grips with what you really want in life now that you are embodying BE’ing a limitless creator.

Empowered Healers Week6

Week 6: Tuning in to your Inner Guide

Navigating life using your inner compass, or inner guide, encourages more flow, ease an calm in your life.

✓ Learn how to engage with expanded consciousness to keep your vibration higher so that you can be present to share your gifts with the world. 

✓  Tune into the infinite versions of you across multiple timelines and connect with the version of you that has fully blossomed and living in a wonderful high vibration each day. From this inner place you choose to ‘just BE the amazing you’.


Empowered Healers Week7

Week 7: Expanding Beyond

As you continue to embody all the lessons so far you will now expand into other impacting areas of your life and begin to transform them to support you. Everything in your life is a reflection of your own energy, your finances, your home.

Address your financial status and the patterns that keep repeating themselves. Where else is these same patterns showing up in your life? It’s time to lean into Money and allow it to support you in life. 

✓ Your home is a reflection of your mind. Clutter, disorganisation and chaos are energies that block  flow and ease in your life. You home is there to support you if you know how to use it properly.  

Empowered Healers Week8

Week 8: Alchemy Mastery

Yay! You’ve completed the Empowered Healers Program, or Journey as sometimes I like to call it. You have mastered the principles that will ensure your continued empowered success. Nothing can stop you now – you have all the tools and you know how to step into them.

✓  Setting you up for guaranteed success in life requires consistent daily practice. We will create a simple to follow process, similar to what I use for myself, and personalised for you.  

✓ Celebrating your achievement at completing this course, and committing to your own Empowered Healing Journey from here onwards.

I’m Interested! … What Do I Do Next?

Step 1:- Decide

Decide that you are ready for fully empowered living! YES YES YES!

Step 2:- Invest in You

Signup using the button below where you will be asked to:-

1) Select a time for your ‘Empowered Mastery’ Virtual Coffee Chat (15 mins) where we can meet and get to know each other and complete the payment details.

2) Complete a short Questionnaire so I know how I can support you during these 8 weeks before our coffee chat.

Step 3:- Celebrate

You will receive an email from me to confirm your place in the programme and with all the details you should need. Yay! 

It’s time to get excited about the possibilities coming your way in the next 8 weeks. 

You’ve got Questions?…

Who is this program for?

This program is aimed for Healers who are starting out and commencing on their spiritual journey and are ready to own their purpose, share their gifts and light up the world including the change makers, way showers, light workers etc.

Can we talk about the program before I decide?

Actually I insist we both have a ‘Virtual Coffee Chat‘ to discuss the program and agree its right for us both. An example of this is where you may be looking for someone to help you with your business marketing which is not what my program is aimed at so this ensures we are both ‘singing from the same page’ before we commit to anything.  You can book your ‘Virtual Coffee Chat‘ with me HERE.

How long will the program take?

 The “Empowered Healer” program is designed to include 8 individual online ‘face to face’ sessions, generally at the same time, once per week(however you have the option to change dates/times if you cannot make a session – 48 hours notification required). Each session will be 45 minutes. 

What's the likelihood of success in this program?

If you commit to yourself, and to your transformation, then you will not only have success, but enjoy the adventure and journey along the way. 

How much of my time will be needed?

The more time you invest in this program, then the more rewards you will receive from it.  My aim is to keep you focused throughout, however I cannot do the inner work for you yet I will be your biggest supporter and fan throughout. I suggest to many clients to book at least one night per week ‘ME time’ to enjoy the ‘Empowerment Mastery’ course, to review the session notes, take time to journal, read inspirational books as recommended in the program, or videos/documentaries etc so that you get a fuller picture of the content.  Additionally, at the minimum I would suggest 10 minutes each morning getting ‘prepped’ for the day, to align yourself with that which you desire. (Don’t worry I will explain all of this and we will walk through it together in bite sized chunks). I’m on hand if anything gets too overwhelming.


Now, your turn .. What Questions do you have for me?

I’d love to know what’s on your mind, what concerns, or questions you have for me. If you could take a minute to share them with me then I will be able to respond to you. Use my Contact form to submit your query and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Hi, I’m Brenda, your guide for this programme.

It was my darkest hours that liberated me from a chaotic life in the city, living to pay the bills, with burnout and stress a regular feature in my life. 

The same routine day after day, week after week kept me sane … yet also kept me stuck with the same story year after year.  

I kept myself so busy that I didn’t have to think about myself, my needs, my wants or my future … and then chaos really came into my life to force me to find a better way, a happier path, into a life I could not have imagined.   

Life is now created on my terms and doing what I want whilst nurturing my relationship with myself.  I wake up enthusiastic about my day, passionate about what I do and have the freedom to do what I want.   

In this programme I will be sharing the same coaching tools that I used, helping you creat space to live a harmonious life with yourself everyday.  These tools I have shared with many other women empowering them to create beautiful changes their lives.  

My passion is empowering women to create the life that they truly wish to have, even if they haven’t a clue what that is at the moment.  

Change does not happen overnight but ‘nothing changes if nothing changes‘. It’s up to you to make the change in your life.  


Disclaimer: I am not a therapist or medical professional. This course is not a replacement for counselling or seeking assistance for your mental health. Instead, it is meant to create awareness and wellness around the stress and overwhelm you might be feeling and provide some tools you can begin to use and familiarize yourself with to begin shifting your mindset and cultivating more calm and ease into your life.