“Do you feel something is missing or lacking in your life but you can’t just put your finger on it?
4 week Group Coaching Programme
With  Brenda McCole, Wellness Coach

Do you sometimes feel there’s something else you could be doing, somewhere else you should be or an internal message wanting to get out to the world, BUT perhaps you don’t know what it is that is missing so you haven’t been able to do anything about it … UNTIL NOW!

The same routine day after day can be exhausting.

Life is a puzzle, and we can live in a haze of unknowing  where to start .. and that’s why I created this group programme to take you from where your re stuck to the path of where you wish to be (even if you don’t know what that path looks like yet).

It’s like getting into the car without a destination – it may sound silly yea .. well that’s what living without a clear path is for so many people and then it becomes frustrating driving around in circles, day after day.

This Group Programme is ideal for anyone not living to their highest levels…

✓ learn how to gain clarity about what’s really going on in their life,

✓ find out what is really important to them and

✓ how to set realistic goals for themselves so they can

enjoy a fulfilling and empowered life. (yay!) 


Are you where you want to be in your journey?  Did you set a goal or intention at the start of the year and have achieved it? How much growth have you achieved in the past year for yourself? If not, what’s holding you back?

This group programme was designed to answer your needs, and help you gain a deeper understanding at to what is holding you back so that you can release those restraints and move onwards in your life journey.


“A successful life is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path,
not chasing the dreams of others”
My passion is witnessing your journey from where you are currently at to confidently blossoming into your fullest version empowered in all that you are and all that you do whilst taking extreme self-care of yourself along the way.  I have the experience and knowledge to support you to (Re)Connect with your true self and to get you back onto your life’s path.  
It is ideal for you if you are ready to leave the past behind and start stepping into your future.


The Group Programme Consists of:-

✓ Weekly Group Coaching Call with with assignments to help you get to know yourself and create the vibration you wish to be in and create your own unique path. (Maximum 8 Persons)

✓ Daily Facebook Live connection in our private Facebook Group(weekdays) with additional tools, tips and insights to help you on your path.

✓ Email Support between sessions for the duration of the programme for any questions or concerns you may have.

✓ A safe space to interact and blossom with other like minded people, feeling supported to step forward.

✓ Email Support between sessions for the duration of the programme for any questions or concerns you may have to ensure your prosperity and growth.

✓ BONUS – One to One Coaching Call with Brenda McCole in the first week of the programme. 

  • This is not a programme for anyone who wishes to hide in the background. The programme works best if you are ready to step up and do the work, sharing fully with the intimate group, and completing the assignments and challenges as we progress.


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