Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Coaching Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching will empower you by encouraging you to become the being the best version of yourself, thus your confidence is increased, your headspace is clearer with your mind-body connection working together in a harmonious and positive relationship.

Coaching is a supportive environment to help you achieve your goals.  Some goals may be transformational and will affect deeply, meaningful and lasting change.

What are the Benefits of Online Coaching?

Online coaching works well for everyone. It allows:

  • Anonymity (you will not bump into your coach in the local supermarket)
  • The safety of your own home (this is especially helpful if you wish to reflect after the session and stay in the energy as opposed to navigating a commute)
  • The flexibility of scheduling (No need to go out)
  • The opportunity to work with people from all over the world similar to talking to loved ones, friends and family online.
  • Convenience, fast and efficient (save money on travel expenses, save time by staying in the comfort of your own home)
  • Access to any online materials developed now and in the future
  • I have been able to work with clients in Ireland, UK, Bali, Australia, America, Philippines and sunny Spain where I currently reside.

None of that would have been possible without an online presence. I look forward to meeting many new clients from all walks of life and hearing their story.

How Long will it take me to Reach my Goal?

Well it depends on what you wish to achieve, the facts of what’s going on for you now and how much you are willing to play full out. We can discuss this on your Clarity Call.

For example: you may have a goal which is to climb one step up a staircase and a little action is required, or you may have a bigger goal where you wish to climb a few steps up a staircase or even a larger goal where you wish to climb to the top of the staircase to a new level/being of your life.

What's Your Style of Coaching?

I work a lot with Mindset, Vibration and Frequency so lots of the word ‘energy’ will get used a lot connect you with your current energy and changing your vibration to meet that which you wish to achieve.

We will follow a program with flexibility to adapting to the changes of everyday life and whatever is ‘coming up’ for you.

To get a better idea of my style feel free to read my blogs and social media posts.

What will you do as a Coach for me?
  • Encourage, support and believe in you.
  • Hold you accountable for what you say you are going to do.
  • Provide a safe and trusting space for you to grow.
  • Aid you in finding solutions and alternative perspectives and actions.
  • Help you discover your values, challenge your beliefs, uncover patterns, let go of stories and unnecessary baggage that you no longer serve you to enable to you to become more empowered and fulfilled in your life.
  • Help you Focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want including any unnecessary distractions bringing Clarity into your life.
  • Provide you with tools and techniques for lifetime use.
  • Help you try new things, take risks to get out of your comfort zone and soar.
  • Assist you in learning to trust your intuition and to put yourself first.
  • Help you look forward and move you forward by adapting your mindset to focus on positive emotions, thoughts and behaviours.
  • Aid you in moving from Surviving to Thriving.
What can I Gain from Coaching?
  • Learn more about your True Self (Vision, Purpose, Values, Strengths, Beliefs, What and How you Think, Feel, etc).
  • Obtain Structure and Organisation to gain Clarity.
  • Set Goals, Learn, Observe, Reflect.
  • Gain Greater Self Confidence.
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety or Nervousness in life.
  • Ability to Set Boundaries.
  • Increase Assertiveness.
  • Gain Inner Peace.
  • Live on Purpose by Choosing Whom and What you Wish to be in the world.
  • Gain Better Relationships with Family, Friends and Colleagues.
  • Improved Self Awareness and Curiosity about the amazing person you are.
  • Regain emotional and spiritual balance.
  • Increase your Happiness and Wellbeing.
  • Befriend your Inner Critic.
  • Connect with you BE’ing.
What Areas of Coaching do you cover?

I am more interested in the person you are ‘being’ and any type of situation which tends to be a consequence of something else which when identified becomes the focus of our work together.

What do I do next if I'm unsure, or I'm seriously thinking about it?

If you are unsure or seriously thinking about working with me then I firstly suggest you make an appointment for a Clarity call. This call is complimentary and you may select a time that suits you from the options available. 

Will I be under pressure or manipulated into buying on this call?

No, that is not my style. I believe there are many coaches available and each client will know when they have found the right ‘fit’ for them.

It is important to find a coach that you feel is aligned with you and what you wish to achieve. In other words, it’s like the many hairdressers out there yet everyone selects the one which is right for them and which one will create the best outcome for you the client.

I'm concerned I won't have the time to deliver?

This is a common concern. The Clarity call has a structure, and we will cover any concerns that you have during that session and propose a plan that will work for you.

Let me know any other concerns or questions you have and I will gladly answer them for you.

“No Matter How Good You Are at Anything a Coach Makes You Better”

Are you available for Group Work and Retreat Facilitation?

Yes, alongside individual 1:1 in person and online sessions, I am available for Group Work(up to 20 persons) and Retreat Facilitation/Workshops.

Please Contact Me if you wish to discuss further.

Have you got a question that isn’t listed above? 

Contact me and let me help you.

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