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 If you’ve been dreaming of a Stressfree way of living, this is for you. I know you are probably thinking “How can I overcome my struggle with Stress and start to gain more confidence and balance to get a life that I really want?

I understand how hard it can be to know where to start with this, so I’d like to offer you my personal help for free to help you to gain Clarity about your current situation. Together, we will come up with a step by step plan that will be tailored to your needs and will work for you.

Here’s the truth about getting stress-free

It can be so confusing knowing how to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together so that you can actually start living a balanced and enjoyable life.
  • Lacking time to think and listen inwards
  • Life is without balance and all energy and focus is on work, work, work.
  • Feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, frustrated, or like a robot on a carousel and you don’t know how or where to get off
  • Feeling overpowered in relationships
  • Unable to cope with demanding workloads or dealing with being challenged negatively
  • Feeling like you are ‘not enough’
  • Wanting respect, to be visible and be listened to
  • Lacking in Confidence and Difficulty relating to others
  • Fearful of making mistakes no matter how big or small.

It doesn’t have to be this way, I want to share with you the simplest way to reach your goals and get the outcome you are craving in just a matter of weeks.

I bring calm and clarity to situations bringing in a new perspective which gives space to my clients to accept their current situation and start building their hearts’ desire.

This won’t work for everyone

This won’t work for everyone, you need to be the type of person who knows there is something better out there for you, knowing there is a brighter path, however you cannot seem to get there on your own, or perhaps you have been trying the same approach for a long time now and it’s not getting you where you’d like to be. 

As you can appreciate these sessions are highly valuable and there are only limited sessions available. So please check that you fit the following criteria:

✓ are a Professional Woman who has gotten to the position you want on the Corporate Ladder however are feeling unfulfilled

✓ You are ready to work over Skype, and have at least basic IT Skills

✓ You are committed to your Wellbeing and Personal Growth

✓ You are willing to take action fast and determined to achieve your goals

✓ You are ready to invest financially in making your vision a reality

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the questions above then you are perfect for this process and I would love to hear from you.

What Others Had To Say ..

Listen To Shireen’s Story (7 mins)

“Just a note to say THANK YOU!. To say I was nervous at the start is an understatement. Your welcoming smile, chats and understanding made me feel at home immediately …. Right now, I truly feel I can face whatever is ahead and I’m standing tall ready to start the next ‘chapter’.  You have made me feel like me again and I haven’t felt like that in so long. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.” .. Liz

“Thank you so much for the chats, the attentive ear when I needed to talk … You have a rare gift!” Jacqui

“Your words gave me a real sense of peace and I can’t thank you enough. You have a very special gift” Kerry.

I’m Interested! … What Do I Do Next?

Step 1:-

Apply for your 90 Day ‘Back to Balance’ Programme by picking a date and time that suits you to have a chat with Brenda.

Step 2:-

We meet! This can be done using any online video tool(Skype/Zoom/What’s App).  We will discuss where you are at and your expectations from the programme and any questions you may have for me.

Step 3:-

We Decide: We will both consider if we feel we are a good fit to work together for 90 days. Thats it!