It seems to me that online coaching works well for everyone. It allows:

  • Anonymity (you will not bump into your coach in the local supermarket)
  • The safety of your own home (this is especially helpful if you wish to reflect after the session and stay in the energy as opposed to navigating a commute)
  • Flexibility of scheduling (No need to go out)
  • The opportunity to work with people from all over the world similar to talking to loves ones, friends and family online.
  • Convenience, fast and efficient (save money on travel expenses, save time by staying in the comfort of your own home)
  • Access to any online materials developed now and in the future.

I have been able to work with clients in Ireland, UK, Bali, Australia, America, Philippines and sunny Spain where I currently reside.

None of that would have been possible without an online presence. I look forward to meeting many new clients from all walks of life and hearing their story.